Reviews of Best Mexico Movers

Karmen Sarsons, from Las Vegas, Nevada:

The unique requirements Mexico has regarding moving a household into the country are overwhelming.

I concluded I either had to get rid of my belongings in the US or find the right company to navigate the move for me.

I called…

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Cherisse and Simon Evans, from Long Beach, California:

My husband and I started planning our move to Mexico in early October last year. We had found an apartment to rent near the historic center of Querétaro, signed our lease agreement and began preparing for the rest of the journey. Top priority for us was finding a good, reliable and affordable moving company that…

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Linda Joy Stone, from Tucson, Arizona:

Selling our house in Tucson and most of our furniture, packing our belongings and moving to Mexico was certainly one of the most challenging and stressful endeavors my husband, Alex, and I have ever undertaken, and in our elder years yet!…

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Beth and Patrick Fitzpatrick, from New Hampshire

We knew for the past 10 years or so that when we retired, it would be
overseas. However, we did not know it was going to be in Mexico. We
made a trip down last December with the intent of staying 6 weeks, only
to end up staying 8.5 months!

We fell in love with…

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Tony and Lisa Bell, from Florida

My husband Tony and I decided to move from Florida to Playa Del Carmen, MX. After much deliberation on whether we wanted to move personal belongings to Mexico, we decided to use Best Mexico Movers. This decision was made after…

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Lou Cavallo and Anthony Nicholas, from Chicago, Illinois

Moving is one the most stressful things one can do. Making a move out of the country magnifies that stress significantly. But you, our personal moving assistant, Hannia, and Best Mexico Movers in general made the process as painless as possible. Your guides, checklists, and all of the time you and Hannia spent answering our questions made this move extremely smooth.

We could not be more pleased! Everything went…

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Doctor from Colorado:

We moved from Colorado to Ajijic in October 2019. After multiple phone interviews and reference checks we selected Best Mexico Movers to move us to Mexico…

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Nancy Adams, from Phoenix, Arizona

I want to thank everyone involved with the move for doing such a great job and making the move much easier and less stressful than I would have imagined. Moving, even across town or to another city can be a daunting experience but moving to another country is certainly more detailed and involved and one needs to have a mover that…

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Gaylene and Kip Bergan, from Denver, Colorado

Words cannot express my gratitude to Best Mexico Movers for how they made my move to Mexico a reality with harmony.

When one decides to move to another country in 90 days with selling a home, selling all vehicles, furniture etc., it can be overwhelming to say the least of it…

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Eduardo Hernandez, from New York City:

Chuck and his team offer a comprehensive, organized and predictable cross-border move. Attention to detail and personable, friendly interactions make for such a pleasant experience.

The amount of information that you need to absorb in order to successfully make your move to Mexico is significant…

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Rose Romero, from Texas

My boxes were just delivered to my home in Merida!!

Best Mexico Movers is definitely The Best!!

The best people all along the way, helping me to get through the moving process. I am trying to express…

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Alex Oxford and Wyatt Hill, from Durango, Colorado:

Best Mexico Movers made the process of moving our personal possessions hassle-free and at an economical rate.

I was put at ease by the team knowing that the entire process was 100% legitimate and was following all Mexican rules and regulations (there are quite a few, in case you weren’t aware!)…

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