Books, Magazines and Other Things to Read in Mexico

Even though there are lots of English-speaking people in Mexico, there are extremely few English-language bookstores.

Some of the magazines, such as the fashion and cooking ones my wife Jet likes to read, can be read at your leisure many months after their publication date, perhaps with your feet propped up on your mirador while enjoying the sunset and sipping a margarita at your new home.  If you have the room, you can take them or, if they are six months old or more, even have them shipped as part of your household goods.

Of course, you can also have used books shipped as part of your household goods, so you can catch up or re-read some of your favorites in your new home in Mexico.

However, if you will ever want something new to read in English, it can be a challenge. will ship some English titles, but the selection as of now is not great.  If you can’t find it elsewhere, you would want another way.  Luckily, the Internet solves this problem.  Consider buying a Kindle or other reader well before you leave for Mexico and practice with it.  You’ll see that you can download English-language books, magazines and newspapers in seconds, and of course, it will work the same way in Mexico.

  • Consider buying a Kindle or other reader.  If you do, try it out while NOB (“North of the Border”; the US and Canada).

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