Fred Tolodziecki and Judy Freedman, from Cincinnati, Ohio

My mom and I decided we wanted to make the challenging move out of the USA and into Ajijic Mexico. One of the big hurdles that you face is moving all of your possessions, art, and furniture. I always do a lot of research on YouTube, Google, etc. and one name came up quite often was Chuck Bolotin with Best Mexico Movers. Even some of the best of Ajijic’s real estate agents mentioned Chuck and his tightly knit team.

We gave Chuck a call from Ohio and let him know we had decided to become expats and join this wonderful community but needed help getting everything to our new home. From phone call number one we knew Best Mexico Movers was the only way to go. Chuck explained the entire process from the paperwork with visas, household belongings list, and packing instructions to the joys of everything that Mexico will not allow you to bring (yes, it’s quite a lot). He was able to get us prices for the transportation and unpacking here in Ajijic to our new home very quickly.


After we gave him our dates his team jumped right in with a wonderful to do list and schedules of everything that has to be done like getting packers, loaders, etc. Chuck and his team were really available anytime during this very stressful process of moving your life. But one thing that went smooth with our entire move was Chuck and his team. We had some hiccups from a poor hire I did from Hire a Helper but Chuck was able to rectify their mistakes.

Because of Chucks’ familiarity with the processes of Mexican customs clearance  we actually had ZERO customs issues. I did have some potential issue items that he talked to his customs brokers about and they had hands on immediately. We arrived in Ajijic, and our stuff arrived a lot faster than we expected. I think it was about seven days, maybe. He had his people here at our new home on the ground and ready with lots of moving help that counted out box by box from the household list to make sure everything made it from point USA to Mexico.

Due to our terrible loaders, I think we had one vase break and a few scratches on basic stuff. I’m not sure how anyone can move you a distance like this with more love and care. This whole life changing stressful transition was made so much smoother and with so much less stress by hiring an expert to help with the navigations of an international move. Even after everything was done Chuck and his team made multiple follow ups and really helped welcome mom and I to Mexico.

 Thank you, Best Mexico Movers for living up to your wonderful reputation and helping us find Home again.

Fred Tolodziecki
Judy Freedman

Mary Knea, from Boise, Idaho

Working with BEST MEXICO MOVERS (BMM) was a very positive experience.
We moved from Queretaro back to Boise, Idaho and know without a doubt we couldn’t have done it without Chuck Bolotin and his team! They took care of all the paperwork, and legal requirements, (which are many leaving MX and entering back into the US) and took great care to insure our material things arrived safely.
BMM were communicative, prompt, answered our many questions and were patient with us. We felt like we, along with our belongings mattered.
We had reached out to several international movers before making a decision and from all aspects, BMM won, hands down…even financially! At the very least, contact them before you throw your money to people who don’t give a rip about you or your belongings. They are good people who know the ins and outs of international moving between the US and Mexico.
Highly recommended!
Thanks, Chuck, again for playing such a big role in getting us home! Please extend our thanks to Laura and your team as well.

Ian and Kelli Daley, from San Clemente, California

From our very first conversation with Chuck and Best Mexico Movers, we knew we had found the right partner to help us start our new life in Puerto Vallarta.  We purposely use the word partner, because throughout the whole process this is exactly how Chuck and his team approached the biggest logistical hurdle in leaving the US for Mexico – the dreaded international move.

There are many steps in an international move, and BMM made sure to collaborate with us closely to take all of the uncertainty, confusion, and potential stress out of a process that for most people, including ourselves, was very unfamiliar and overwhelming.  To be sure we did our due diligence, we evaluated several other international movers, and discovered all of the promises in the BMM pitch to immediately ring true – more clarity, less confusion, more streamlined, and still the most cost-effective solution, by a significant margin.  To top that all off, it also felt the most personal, with a team dedicated to making sure all our concerns were heard and who were there to help us every step of the way with clear, concise, easy-to-understand instructions.

Laura was wonderful to work with throughout the process and helped us adhere to our timeline. Once our items arrived in Mexico, John was there to manage the day and knew exactly what needed to happen. It was amazing to have this kind of support!

If you can get the best service for the best price, that’s a deal you can’t pass up. You can truly feel the care that Chuck has for looking after his clients because he’s been in the exact same situation before and knows exactly what needs to happen.  We cannot say enough positive things about the way BMM handled our move. We have already recommended them to several others and will continue to do so, so that others can know they have the right partner to start them off on the right foot in their new lives in beautiful Mexico.

Muchisimas gracias to Best Mexico Movers and our whole team – you really are the best!

Bill and Ladonna Womack, from Tulsa, Oklahoma

Well, we finally slowed down on packing enough that I could take a breath.

First I would like to thank you for the wonderful gift… such a blessing at the end of the move ❤️.

Danielle was great.  She was extremely quick to respond, something I really appreciated. If I asked a question she didn’t know, she would actually say “I don’t know” and get the answer and get right back to me.   Soooo often in business people are afraid to say they don’t know everything. Chuck I think you have a good one with her. If this was her first… she will be a gem.

Huge “Thank You” to you and your staff. You have done a great job of preparing all of the groundwork to avoid obstacles in a major move. You asked all of the needed questions and provided countless answers to our questions.

Thank You. Thank You Thank You!!!!!!  God Bless you and your staff!!

Peggy Walker, from Cibolo, Texas

From the moment I contacted Chuck and Best Mexico Movers I knew my move to Mexico was in good hands.

Specific information on exactly how the move would take place was provided at every step along the way. Communication was quickly attended to from beginning to end, including Chuck and his team on both sides of the border checking in after my belongings were delivered.

My main concern was family art pieces that could never be replaced. Every thing that I packed arrived safely and in a timely manner.

I have already referred Chuck and his great team to two others looking to make the move. I can highly recommend.


Jennifer Crump, from Berwyn, Illinois

I’d like to pass on a good review for those who plan to move their belongings from the USA to Mexico. I know this is a very personal decision- some choose to just take a couple of suitcases, and others wish to bring more than that.
If you fall in that second category, I highly recommend talking with Best Mexico Movers.
I had the luxury of time to plan and pare down my belongings and work with Chuck and his team to get this scheduled and successfully moved down last week. The communication was fantastic and my representative was quick to reply to any questions I had.  Overall, it was all I could have hoped for.
Moving is never fun.  It’s stressful and can be very hard work. They all made this work well, and that’s all I could ask for!
Many thanks to Chuck Bolotin and crew for a successful move!

Kelly Kerrigan, from Palm Springs, California

Chuck and Best Mexico Movers was such an amazing experience!  I bought my first home as an investment property initially with no plans to be a resident and when the seller of my home decided not to rent back at the 11th hour before closing, I was in a jam about how to furnish the home.

I was introduced to Chuck Bolotin and learned how to do the menaje (and also my VISA) the right way!  After FINALLY getting my VISA go-ahead from the Los Angeles consulate a few months later, I called Chuck and within 3 days I was in Laredo, TX, dropping off a truck to the shipping dock!  His instructions were so simple and clear about the inventory, how to label and package what not to bring, it was extremely easy even for a first timer on a tight schedule.  His network of local loaders in CA were excellent and even picked up the U-Haul for me.  They were great and I actually had them return a few days later to do a dump run and clean up all the packing debris, etc.




The process in Laredo was simple, and I was so impressed that they returned the U-Haul for me, took me to immigration and then Nuevo Laredo airport.  I was at the Lake in a few hours with all my precious cargo 48 hours later. Chuck came personally that evening to the house to help unload everything and check everything off the list.  Everything arrived perfectly in great shape. In fact, I had actually forgotten my jacket in the back of the mover’s car when they took me to the airport and they were able to get my jacket in the truck and have it delivered along with my furniture to me!

It was definitely one of the best and smoothest parts of my move to Mexico and I SO appreciate Chuck’s organized, smooth and calm approach.  He does exactly what he says he will do.  He has been so generous with a wealth of information outside of household goods and he is a real gem.  In fact, in 2020 when I bought an investment property in Tucson, Chuck was able to recommend some loaders in Tucson to help.  That mover was excellent and I used him several times over the 2 years I was there.

I am now happily here at Lakeside full time in real estate and would definitely recommend to any client considering a household goods move:  BEST MEXICO MOVERS definitely “delivers”!!

As a realtor and longtime investor, I specialize in assisting clients uncover “hidden gems” in emerging markets as well as helping expatriates efficiently and smoothly navigate the adventure of international real estate. Due to my background in renovation, marketing and design, I am able to assist with impactful build/design ideas and referrals for many styles and budgets. My customized approach to real estate aims not only to add value to one of life’s largest investments but to infuse ease and joy into the process to ensure that you, indeed, enjoy “La Buena Vida” in the Casa of your Dreams!


Kelly Kerrigan, Realtor/Principal
Buena Vida Estates


Gail Arrenholz, from Tucson, Arizona

Considering a move to Mexico?  A+ Recommendation for Best Mexico Movers!

Look no further as I used Chuck Bolotin and all his associates.  Everyone was kind, professional, and detail-oriented.  I brought everything but the kitchen sink!  One wine glass was broken!  Storage unit was clean and accessible.  Oversized custom sofa made it into house.  I am X Peace Corps Nurse To Honduras and Flying Samaritan Nurse to Mexico.  Merida perfect place to write and paint.  Come visit.

Thank you Chuck and family!

John Gordon and Sebastian Lujan from Albuquerque, New Mexico

We received your delicious gift of Dragonfly Cookies today – thank you!
Actually, it should be Sebastian and I sending you and your team gifts for the exceptional job you all did in getting our belongings safely to our new home in Pátzcuro.
I can’t tell you how impressed we are with your efforts on our behalf. Even when our New Mexico packer/loaders failed to properly pack some items, your folks who did the transloading at the custom broker’s yard managed to protect and reload everything so that there was hardly a box or item that wasn’t in perfect condition after the unloading in Pátzcuro.
We’re now ready to join your many, many other satisfied customers in singing BMM’s praises to prospective clients.
And thank you again for helping to get us off on the best possible footing in Mexico.
Addition from an email sent several days later:

Buenos dias Andy.

We were finally able to move into our new Pátzcuaro home about 10 days ago, and we’ve been happily unpacking ever since. We continue to be delighted by the perfect condition of our belongings.

Since you were especially concerned and insistent that our marble Mandalay Monk be properly packed for shipment, Sebastian and I thought we’d send you this picture of the Monk safely and serenely sitting on our antique hall tree (which also arrived in perfect condition) at the entrance to our new home.

Thank you one more time for the care and concern that you and the entire Best Mexico Movers team gave to ensuring the safe transport of our items to Mexico.

Warmest wishes for the holidays ahead and for a Peaceful and Prosperous New Year,

John & Sebastian

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