My wife was astute enough to find Best Mexico Movers to help us relocate to Chapala, Jalisco, Mexico.  She had checked with the larger, better known international movers but they were forbiddingly expensive.  With their rates we would not have had enough money left over to purchase our own home in Mexico, which was our plan.

She found Best Mexico Movers, which had good credentials and recommendations so we decided to contact them.  Chuck Bolotin was our initial contact and the only contact that we needed.  He was extremely helpful and thoughtful.  He met our needs and helped us to navigate the Mexican customs so that we could import our household goods through the Mexican-US border.

We used 3rd party for packers who showed up right on time and got their work done very efficiently, loading our goods onto one semi-trailer.  Chuck arranged for the trailer to be picked up 2 days later.  It cleared Mexican customs without even having the trailer opened.  Chuck and his customs broker worked with us to have all of the correct paperwork completed to meet compliance and based on good working relationships with the Mexican authorities our load was not tampered with by a border inspection. 

The trailer arrived safely and completely at our mini-storage in Chapala right on-time and was unloaded without any problems.

We are very pleased with the job that Chuck Bolotin and Best Mexico Movers provided for us.  We unreservedly recommend them to anyone else who wants to move from the US to Mexico.

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