David Hudnall and Roy Hanes, from Greenville, South Carolina:

Roy Hanes and David HudnallWe sold our house in Greenville, SC and moved to a house we purchased here, in Riberas del Pilar [Mexico]. From our former home, we moved three pieces of furniture plus nearly 200 containers of “stuff” – clothing, shoes, kitchen items plus many containers of large decorative glass items, a collection of Christmas decor, and an African mask collection.

After interviewing three moving firms, we decided to work with Chuck and his associates because they helped us to understand the whole international moving process best. His method was so well organized you’d think he had done it before. As we packed each container, we entered its contents into the spreadsheet that was provided. Before you know it, we had an inventory list translated into Spanish suitable for acceptance by the Mexican Consulate. The truck arrived on time for loading in South Carolina. Less than two weeks later, we were unpacking everything at our Lakeside home.

Before we moved, we heard advice from many people to sell everything and buy what you need when you get to Mexico. Most all of the items we brought with us could not be purchased here. We are so glad we didn’t listen to that advice. It was definitely worth exploring our options and finding someone who understood the importance of bringing the things that make our home feel familiar and comfortable.

Larry and Darla Boisjolie, from Oceanside, California:

In September [2019], we used Best México Movers to help in our relocation from San Diego to Ajijic. Even though such a move can be complex and confusing, Chuck Bolotin and his team made the experience as easy as possible.

With his step-by-step plans, we were able to get through everything from packing to loading, to customs compliance and finally to delivery without a hitch!

Best México Movers offered very reasonable prices and were there for every step of the process.

We highly recommend Chuck and his crew if you are interested in moving To Mexico. His friendliness and professionalism were invaluable for our move.

John Lauf, from Altadena, California:

John LaufAfter speaking with several moving companies as well as the Consulate in LA, I remained confused about the exact details of how to move our household goods to Mexico.

I sent an email request to Chuck at Best Mexico Movers, asking if he could provide clarification and received a reply within hours which was then followed by a phone call. After listening to the specifics of our situation, Chuck recommended a course of action and patiently answered each of my questions in detail.

After a few follow-up emails and phone calls to get additional clarification I had complete confidence in signing the moving contract with BMM. Everything down to the last detail was arranged either by phone or electronically. Chuck was super responsive at every step; we had a detailed timeline and Chuck was meticulous in keeping to the schedule and in keeping all of the various players in sync.

The move itself was flawless and I finally had the pleasure of meeting Chuck in person on the day that the truck arrived as scheduled in Bucerias, near Puerto Vallarta. I had no shortage of other issues to deal with in leaving California, so I was delighted to have complete peace of mind regarding the moving process. I have no hesitation in recommending BMM to anyone who is intending to move household goods to Mexico. What could have been a logistical nightmare ended up being a breeze –- Chuck is highly professional, personable and was a pleasure to work with at every step of the process. BMM is truly a five-star operation.

Eduardo Hernandez, from New York City:

Chuck and his team offer a comprehensive, organized and predictable cross-border move. Attention to detail and personable, friendly interactions make for such a pleasant experience. 

The amount of information that you need to absorb in order to successfully make your move to Mexico is significant, however, Best Mexico Movers communicates with you frequently and comprehensively so that you know what to expect and what is expected of you at all times -there is no ambiguity and therefore you always have peace of mind. 

Upon arrival in Mexico, everything is arranged so that all you need to do is secure a parking space for the moving truck and be there to receive your household goods. It could not be simpler. 

Although it is unlikely that I move out of Mexico and into Mexico again, I would not hesitate to call Chuck again and have him help us move back. I highly recommend Best Mexico Movers.

Karmen Sarsons, from Las Vegas, Nevada:

The unique requirements Mexico has regarding moving a household into the country are overwhelming.

I concluded I either had to get rid of my belongings in the US or find the right company to navigate the move for me.

I called Best Mexico Movers, discussed the process with Chuck and in under 5 minutes I knew this was the company that I would use to make the huge move to Mexico.

Having Chuck at my home in Vegas to start the process took the stress off and having him there again in Las Fuentes [Mexico] at end made the entire process seamless.

I made the right choice in hiring Best Mexico Movers and based on my experience, would not hesitate to recommend them to facilitate your move to Mexico!

Suzanne Murphy Larronde,  from Sarasota, Florida:

Suzanne Murphy's botanical arrangementWe all know that a big move can be one of life’s most daunting challenges, which is why I feel so lucky to have taken the recommendation of a friend last year and chosen Best Mexico Movers to help me in relocating from my home in Florida to the pacific coast of Mexico. It was the smartest possible decision I could have made.

Best Mexico’s owner, Chuck Bolotin, combines all the qualities required in making an international move a success.  Tops on the list are his patience and sense of humor, indispensable ingredients in taming all the stress and chaos.  Chuck brings years of experience to the moving business along with organizational hacks that guide the mover through every step of the process.  From his comprehensive checklist to dealing with cross-border legal formalities and transportation, Chuck has it nailed.  I have wholeheartedly recommended him in the past and will continue to do so.

David Hall and Francisco Sanchez,  from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania:

David Hall and Francisco Sanchez
David Hall and Francisco Sanchez
After months of researching how we were to get our household items, including furniture, antiques, and art from Philadelphia to Yucatan, Merida Mexico, we thankfully decided to trust Best Mexico Movers.
From the very first phone call – of which there were many, Chuck Bolotin and his crew Hannia and Alfonso made us feel safe, protected and confident they could get our 20’ container of valuables to its destination 3200 miles away.
Fantastic communication, organization and follow through were delivered for a very fair price.  We have nothing but praise and gratitude to the BMM team.
Thank you so much,  David, Fran, Syler and Butch

Alex Oxford and Wyatt Hill,  from Durango, Colorado:

Alex Oxford and Wyatt Hill
Alex Oxford and Wyatt Hill
Best Mexico Movers made the process of moving our personal possessions hassle-free and at an economical rate.
I was put at ease by the team knowing that the entire process was 100% legitimate and was following all Mexican rules and regulations (there are quite a few, in case you weren’t aware!).
The team helped us with all of the tedious stuff like coordinating dates, creating packing lists, and preparing Mexican legal documents. They even advised us on which route would be best when driving through Texas.
If you are looking for an A+ service provider without having to worry about doing anything “sketchy” (and at an affordable rate) then call these folks up. We are glad we did!

Diane and Michael Caplan, from Houston, Texas:

Chuck and his team are the best!
Walked us through everything step by step, super organized and helpful with everything.
I cannot imagine such an intense move as leaving the States and moving everything to Mexico without their guidance, help and support.
I am forever grateful for their experience, knowledge and patience with me and my family.

Capt’n Rob and Sherry McCallum, from Forney, Texas:

Rob and Sharon McCallumMy wife and I are incredibly grateful to have found BestMexicoMovers.com to help us with our international move to Puerto Vallarta.

Chuck Bolotin was unbelievably helpful, his requests from us came with simple and explicit instructions making our part of the move relatively painless. Each time we came up with a question, Chuck was there with the proper information and directions to calm our nerves and answer our questions.

I can honestly say, with the help of BestMexicoMovers.com and Chuck, our move went totally smooth from start to finish.

It turned out to be cheaper than we expected, easier than we expected and our belongings all arrived on time and in perfect condition. Nothing was broken or misplaced.

If you are considering an international move to Mexico, we highly recommend Chuck Bolotin and BestMexicoMovers.com.

Christina Shaffer, from Meridian, Idaho:

Flower from Christina Shaffer's yardI would definitely recommend Best Mexico Movers.

Chuck was very professional, provided clear information for everything that would be required and assisted us in the process from start to finish – including interviewing local packers/loaders for us, getting the inventory list prepared and translated, and being on site in person at both ends of the move to ensure everything went as planned.

Not only was it a painless process, but it was far less expensive than other moving companies I had interviewed.  I would use Best Mexico Movers again, without hesitation.

Linda Joy Stone, from Tucson, Arizona:

Linda Joy Stone and Alex HollahdSelling our house in Tucson and most of our furniture, packing our belongings and moving to Mexico was certainly one of the most challenging and stressful endeavors my husband, Alex, and I have ever undertaken, and in our elder years yet! We moved to Ajijic 5/15/19. I don’t know how I discovered Chuck Bolotin of Best Mexico Movers, but what a ray of light he was in assisting our move. He was available by phone anytime we had a question and offered detailed information. He sent clear lists of how to inventory and pack our belongings with a clear timeline of what needed to be done and when. We had planned to pack a Penske truck and have it driven to Laredo, TX, where a Best Mexico Movers truck would move our belongings into their truck and head to our new rental home. Chuck was right there every step of the way.

An interesting turn of events was the night before we were to pack the truck and caravan in our car to Laredo, Alex was hospitalized with a kidney stone and needing an emergency procedure. This would set us back by two weeks, but the Penske truck got packed, with the help of friends. The truck arrived in Laredo at the appointed time to meet Chuck’s truck, went through Customs smoothly and, instead of our belongings being taken to our new home where we were to meet Chuck and his truck, he and our new property manager were able to redirect our belongings into a storage unit that we were luckily able to procure from Tucson. So, everything was waiting for us safely in storage when we finally made the journey to our new home and new life. Alex and I highly recommend with confidence Chuck Bolotin and Best Mexico Movers for an affordable, trouble-free move from the U.S. into Mexico. Muchas gracias!

Doctor from Colorado:

Rocky Mountain National ParkWe moved from Colorado to Ajijic in October 2019. After multiple phone interviews and reference checks we selected Best Mexico Movers to move us to Mexico.

From the first phone call to Chuck Bolotin, the principal of the company, to adios in the driveway of our home in Ajijic, Mexico, we were advised, supported, and efficiently helped in all facets of our complex move.

Chuck was at our home to do the inventory and prepare the menaje de casa and supervised the final loading of the truck, even after we had departed for the flight to Ajijic.

At every point in the transit of our stuff he maintained contact with the customs broker, the drivers, and the unloaders. Even with an unanticipated glitch at border customs, he never lost the reins of the move. In every way that one could imagine he provided attention and execution of a rather comprehensive move.

At the day of unloading he arranged for a team of men to unload the truck nearby and for our belonging to be brought to the house pick-up truck by pick-up truck because the huge truck could not access our street.

Nothing was broken, nothing was lost. What more can I say? If you want to ask more questions of me I am sure that Chuck can arrange a personal conversation.

P Jay Peterson, from Olympia, Washington:

P Jay PetersonI can’t say enough about how professional, organized and helpful Chuck Bolotin and his people were during a difficult move from Olympia, WA to Mazatlán during the coronavirus epidemic.

Despite all the issues, everything came through in great shape and in a timely fashion. Can’t thank you enough or recommend you more highly!

George del Castillo, from Chandler, Arizona:

Cutting the tamper proof seal of moving truck in MexicoMy wife was astute enough to find Best Mexico Movers to help us relocate to Chapala, Jalisco, Mexico.  She had checked with the larger, better known international movers but they were forbiddingly expensive.  With their rates we would not have had enough money left over to purchase our own home in Mexico, which was our plan.

She found Best Mexico Movers, which had good credentials and recommendations so we decided to contact them.  Chuck Bolotin was our initial contact and the only contact that we needed.  He was extremely helpful and thoughtful.  He met our needs and helped us to navigate the Mexican customs so that we could import our household goods through the Mexican-US border.

We used 3rd party for packers who showed up right on time and got their work done very efficiently, loading our goods onto one semi-trailer.  Chuck arranged for the trailer to be picked up 2 days later.  It cleared Mexican customs without even having the trailer opened.  Chuck and his customs broker worked with us to have all of the correct paperwork completed to meet compliance and based on good working relationships with the Mexican authorities our load was not tampered with by a border inspection.  The trailer arrived safely and completely at our mini-storage in Chapala right on-time and was unloaded without any problems.

We are very pleased with the job that Chuck Bolotin and Best Mexico Movers provided for us.  We unreservedly recommend them to anyone else who wants to move from the US to Mexico.

Tom and Monica Tucker, from Lady Lake, Florida:

We cannot thank you enough for making our challenging move to Mexico such a great success!

Our advice to anyone considering a move south of the border is simple. Call Best Mexico Movers right now and get Chuck and Hannia on your team.

Your advice throughout the planning and execution was invaluable. When we hit complications or road blocks you were always ready to help and you were always immediately available.

As a business owner myself I put a very high value on customer service. Best Mexico Movers’ service was unparalleled. I’m certain we gave you a few unusual wrinkles, especially during Covid, but you were always ready for whatever we threw at you.

After interviewing many other moving companies there was simply no comparison. It was clear that Best Mexico Movers cared about us and would go the extra mile to ensure our move would be the best possible.

I could go on and present all the ways in which you helped but that would take many pages. Simply, you guys were great.

Thank you.

Tom & Monica Tucker
San Miguel de Allende

Richard & Denise Sieber, Washington, D.C. area:

Denise and Richard Sieber
Denise and Richard Sieber

Thank you both for being wonderful to work with.

Your professionalism, responsiveness and kind assurances meant the world to us throughout this big, hectic endeavor of getting our belongings down to Ajijic.

Muchas gracias and warm regards,


Denise & Richard


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