Things You Can't Get in Mexico and Should Bring to Mexico

How to Figure Out What You Need to Bring to Mexico (and Some Examples)

The best advice I would give is to make a trip to Lakeside [Lake Chapala / Ajijic area] several months before packing and moving here. Explore the local shops (furniture and home furnishings stores, hardware stores, drug stores, grocery stores, etc.) to determine what is available. Take a lot of notes. Then think about the things you might need in your new space. If you can’t find the specific things you want to set up a comfortable home for yourself locally, bring it from the US. The list is specific to the individual and what you personally find important…

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What to Bring When You Move to Mexico: Patience, Flexibility, Humor… and Cash

My usual advice to people moving to Mexico is bring Patience, Flexibility, and a Sense of Humor. I am going to add Cash to that.

Mexico does not operate in a linear fashion. It does not value time, money or efficiency the same way gringos do. And it does not have an infrastructure that facilitates getting things done quickly. A good example is the answer I received when I complemented a local Latina rental agent for building a very successful business. Her answer was “Thank you, I am so proud. I can support 12 families.”…

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John Perdiagao and Cindy Bozeman in Mexico

My Fun List of What I Brought When We Moved to Mexico

Mexico has so many natural and handmade treasures one might wonder… what should I pack to bring that I might not find there…

Well … depending on what you hold dear I believe the answer differs for each if us.

For me it was sentimental cherished items such as my Mom’s ashes contained in the pearl urn and the old photographs that I hold dear from the “pre-Facebook” days. Another “must have” was my beautiful wood chest that my Grandpa built by hand especially for me. I even managed to bring my first cherished stuffed animal…

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Before You Move to Mexico, Figure Out What to Take and What to Leave

The time between our visit Lakeside and our move to Ajijic was just over six months. During those six months we: sold our house and car, bought a house in Ajijic, established a retirement date, set-up change of address and an account with virtual mail service, ported our Calgary phone line with Vonage, started the immigration process in Calgary to become residents in Mexico and set the date for our three day Estate Sale. However, before the Estate Sale could take place, we had to determine what was moving with us to Mexico.

Thinking that moving less furniture would be more economical than moving more…

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What Should I Bring With Me When I Move to Mexico?

What Should I Bring With Me When I Move to Mexico?

The short answer is: “It Depends”.

The longer answer is: It depends on: Where you will be living in Mexico. How comfortable you are with ordering products online.
How attached you are to your furniture and other items/keepsakes…

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