What It Was Like to Move to Mexico

Please allow us to introduce to you some of our clients who recently moved to Mexico.

Patrick O’Heffernan

We ask many of the people we move to Lakeside to introduce themselves to the community. Here’s an entertaining and useful account with lots of good insights and advice about the move to Mexico and living here written by one of our newest neighbors.

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Frank Arellano and Stan Stump

Frank and Stan give us a colorful and entertaining account us what happened when they first visited Mexico, why they love it here, and what (happily) surprised them the most about living here.

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Roy and David

David Hudnall and Roy Haynes

Find out what this wonderful couple from the US—a retired dentist and senior manager at a department store, were searching for in Mexico, and if they found it.

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Linda Joy Stone and Alex Hollahd

Linda Joy Stone and Alex Holland

People who choose to move to Mexico tend to be more interesting and well-founded than their garden variety compatriots “back home.” Illustrating this point are practitioner of Chinese medicine Linda and her “husband, spouse, and best friend, Alex,” who, among other pursuits, is a musician and composer of films.

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Susan Cole Bainbridge

Former real estate professional in Chicago, Susan purchased a home “in the village” to be close to the authenticity of the area and where, up on her balcony, she enjoys great views. Susan relates her biggest challenge in Mexico and how she plans to meet it.

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