My husband and I started planning our move to Mexico in early October last year. We had found an apartment to rent near the historic center of Querétaro, signed our lease agreement and began preparing for the rest of the journey. Top priority for us was finding a good, reliable and affordable moving company that knew all the ins and outs of moving household goods from the US to Mexico. Based on the apartment we rented,  we knew we could and wanted to take most of our furniture and belongings with us which feels like a daunting undertaking. 

We read reviews and comments about Best Mexico Movers on an expat social media site and checked out their website and videos. It looked good to us! And then as soon as we spoke with Chuck Bolotin, we immediately felt at ease and confident that we would be in good hands. 

Chuck presented an easy to follow checklist that takes all the guesswork out of tasks and timelines. Basically he made it as simple as following the checklist step by step. He and his partners were available as often as needed by email or phone to discuss any questions that came up. 


Ours was a fairly sizable move and our biggest concerns were:

  1. Declaring everything correctly to pass customs
  2. Getting our shipment in a timely manner 
  3. Having our belongings arrive in good condition 
  4. Clear communication throughout 
  5. Value

I can easily say that in all points,  Best Mexico Movers exceeded our expectations. 


  1. I felt confident in the direction given that my items were properly recorded for customs. A BIG BONUS is they take care of the menaje de casa with the consulate on your behalf! A huge time saver and worry off our shoulders! 
  2. We received our shipment in approx two weeks from the day it left us and that was including weekends and a holiday in Mexico. ANOTHER HUGE BONUS is that your load is never left in storage waiting to coordinate with another load. We knew from the start an approximate delivery date and were then advised of the exact delivery date a few days in advance. There was constant communication up until the moment the truck arrived and throughout the unload as needed. 
  3. Everything arrived in good condition minus one small box of everyday dinnerware which is easily replaced and had no real monetary or sentimental value. 
  4. Communication was excellent throughout and I always felt our concerns were their concerns and no question was too small to ask. 
  5. The price was definitely fair for what they had to coordinate and advocate for us. For us, having the feeling of confidence every step of the way, without worry was huge! 

We would highly recommend Best Mexico Movers to anyone thinking about moving their household goods to Mexico. 

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