Get Apps for Your Favorite Media and Music

While I’m a big fan of immersing one’s self in the local culture for a richer and more meaningful experience, I also understand that, from time to time, you may like to listen to more familiar music, radio talk shows, etc.  Many apps do this and most (but not all) will work in Mexico.  

For music, you may want to try Surfr, which allows you to choose a genre, and then it plays songs from radio stations around the world that play that genre.  No charge.  You can also listen to Spotify, which allows you to specify music groups you like, for no charge.

Stitcher (free) is good for talk shows, as is Talk Stream (also free).

There’s a pretty good chance that whatever you like to listen to NOB (“North of the Border”; the US and Canada) can be accessed through an app; even your favorite NOB stations.  You may want to start experimenting with them now, before you move.

  • See if any of the radio programs you listen to have an app for your smartphone.  If they do, download it and try it out.
  • Consider downloading Surfr, Stitcher and Talk Stream.

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