I am a 75 year-old single woman who had a dream of moving to Puerto Vallarta for about 10 years. I also wanted to bring my old shabby white furniture, lots of quilting fabrics and sewing machines…and a tennis ball machine! I am now in PV and living my dream thanks to Chuck and his assistant Hannia.

I must say that the 6 weeks prior to the move were probably the most challenging of my life. As a friend said, I had deadlines daily. Covid, in addition to several hurricane warnings, also did not help.

Chuck and Hannia were fantastic. They were always available and able to help solve any problems that I encountered and I can still hear Hannia saying “no worries, everything will be fine!”  Chuck also always had a way of explaining the complexities of an international move in a way that I could understand.

I was also able to meet and spend time with Hannia’s family and I felt more like a family member than a customer. For an American moving to Mexico, it meant a great deal. Someday I hope to visit Guadalajara for a dinner at Hannia’s family restaurant and have a “Paris night cocktail.”

I followed Chuck and Hannia’s advice and everything arrived in PV in perfect condition. I will be forever grateful to Chuck and Hannia.  I can say that I now know that my dream move would never have happened without their help and caring.

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