Fictions About Moving to Mexico

In the course of investigating the Mexico moving industry, we heard lots of statements, many of which were either false, or not entirely true.  Here are just a few:

Fiction: “To move your household goods to Mexico, you have to pay a fortune and deal with a confusing, intimidating process.  You have no control and you have to do what the moving company tells you… or else!”

Fact: In the past, this fiction was generally true.  You either had to do your move yourself by buying a trailer, driving yourself across the border and back again, dealing with car and trailer permits, dealing with customs officials to clear your own goods at the border, etc., or you would have to work with an existing mover who wasn’t bashful about charging quite a lot while forcing you into a “one size fits all” move.  (We talked with one man who, in order to get around this situation, made five trips back and forth from Mexico to Arkansas with a trailer to retrieve his family’s belongings. Five!)

However, now that Best Mexico Movers has re-invented moving to and from Mexico, your move can be much less expensive, not confusing, and rather than feeling helpless, you will feel empowered.

Fiction: “It doesn’t pay to move your stuff.  Just sell everything for pennies on the dollar or give it away and show up in Mexico with four suitcases.  With the money you save, you can replace everything you lost ‘back home’ after you move here.”


Fact:  Again, part of this used to be true—the high cost of moving your items to Mexico.  However, the second part of it – being able to buy what you want in Mexico, for many people, isn’t true at all.  First off, do you really want to give up virtually everything you spent a lifetime accumulating, especially if you are in or near retirement age?  Is that how you want to start your new life in Mexico, with close to nothing of your own?

Also, when they are being fully candid, quite a few people will tell you that some of the things you may have sold or given away are not available in Mexico at any reasonable price; for example, comfortable furniture and mattresses.  How would that make you feel about your new life in Mexico? You just sold or gave away your great mattress and now you have to sleep on one that’s hard as a rock or you just don’t like the couch in your new  home. To paraphrase a character from Seinfeld: “No more comfortable couches for you!”

Of course, just how important any of this is to you would be a personal matter.  The overall point is, with the Best Mexico Movers Process, you may not have to give up what your heart tells you that you don’t want to.  And for those of you who want to keep more of your personal possessions, here’s more good news: with the Best Mexico Movers Process, moves with a greater amount of your personal belongings don’t cost proportionately more.  That means you can keep lots more of your familiar, comfortable furniture and other items, luxuriate with them in Mexico, and it won’t cost you that much to bring it. Enjoy!

Fiction: “In order to move to Mexico, you have to endure having your precious household goods unloaded at a several different warehouses in the US, then ‘consolidated’ with other customers (meaning: your household goods share the same trailer with several other people’s), re-loaded onto another truck, cross the border, and then unload and re-load again generally five or more times (half or more in Mexico) before arriving at your final destination.”

Fact: Here’s another one that was true in the past, but not any longer.  The reason is that, where possible, we offer “One Trailer Moves”, which means that the same trailer that shows up at your house in the US or Canada can be the same trailer that delivers your household belongings to your new home in Mexico, so your goods are never transferred form one trailer to another, off-loaded and re-loaded into one or more warehouses, or combined with other people’s belongings.

Where this is not possible, we generally do one trans-load moves, where, at our customs broker’s facilities, we back up the trailer that picked up your items in the US or Canada to the one that will bring your household goods to Mexico, and very carefully  move your precious belongings from one trailer to the other, just one time.  Your precious household items are not stored in a warehouse and they aren’t combined with other’s; they don’t even touch the ground.  

After your items are moved, we shut the door to the truck going to Mexico, install the tamper proof seal, and send your items to the border.  If Mexican customs don’t ask us to break the seal, this is the same seal we break at your new home in Mexico that we originally placed on your shipment before crossing the border in the US.

Of course, nothing good happens when your household possessions are taken off one truck and put into a warehouse or into a different trailer. While we can’t guarantee that we will offer you or you will choose a One Trailer Move (for example, when the trailer is too large at your US or Canadian residence or in Mexico to fit on the street, there are local regulations against it or you have a smaller load), for lots of our clients, we can, and for all clients we keep handing of your household goods to a complete minimum.  Other moving companies just can’t say that because that’s not what they do.

Fiction: “There is only one place on to cross by truck from the US into Mexico—Laredo.”

Fact: For the vast majority of cases, this is exactly how household goods have been shipped to Mexico—everything must go through Laredo.  (This is another example of how the old way of doing things was more for the convenience of the moving company than the convenience and cost efficiency of the customer.)

Best Mexico Movers changes that. We can cross at Laredo just like the others, but we can also cross at El Paso, which may be a much less costly option for you. For example, if you live in Arizona, crossing at Laredo rather than El Paso adds another 1,200 miles that your household goods have to travel in the US (from Laredo to El Paso and back).  Guess who pays for that?

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