The Best Mexico Movers Process

For one year, we carefully and rigorously analyzed the existing process of moving people’s household goods from the US and Canada to Mexico.  What we found, in many instances, was an outdated, overly complex, inefficient, overly expensive way of doing things built in many respects to serve the needs of the moving companies, as opposed to the needs of their clients.

We knew we could do better, especially for the client.

To do so, we modernized and re-configured these older and costlier practices to create the Best Mexico Movers Process. The result is that we were able to squeeze out a good amount of the costs, all while providing better care and service to our clients.  When you compare what we offer you as opposed to how things were done in the past, we know you’ll agree.

When you work with Best Mexico Movers, you enjoy the Three Best Mexico Movers Advantages:

Advantage #1

The Best Mexico Movers extensive network of trucking companies, packers and loaders, unloaders and unpackers, insurance companies, customs brokers and others, was developed and designed with one thing in mind: offer our clients maximum flexibility and options at the lowest cost, including where to cross in to or out of Mexico.  (For example, we don’t force everyone through Laredo, which can be much more costly. For more, see “The Best Mexico Movers Story.”)

Advantage #2

A Personal Moving Assistant who will be your partner in a very big event in your life.  Your Personal Moving Assistant will work with you to custom-design your particular move by combining the components we have assembled in the Best Mexico Movers Network in the way that makes you the most comfortable, within your budget.

Your Personal Moving Assistant will work with you to create your Best Mexico Movers Client Checklist, so you will know exactly where you are in the process. If you don’t understand something or you don’t agree, the process stops right there, until you feel comfortable going forward.

Advantage #3

When you become a client, you will receive your own, dedicated Personal Moving Assistant, who will guide through your entire moving process, from start to finish.  Your Personal Moving Assistant will:

  • if you choose, be physically at your home in the US or Canada to supervise the packing of your treasured household goods and loading them on the truck;
  • work with you to fill out the forms for customs clearance;
  • work with you to fill out the forms for insurance, and if there is a claim, assist you with filing and resolution; and,
  • be physically be at your new home in Mexico to supervise the unloading and unpacking of your goods and make sure you are 100% satisfied.
Interested to see how we can help you?  Just give us a call now at our US or Canada phone number 1 (520) 940-0481, or send us an email using our contact form.