Meet Your Moving Assistants

Chuck Bolotin - Founder and CEO

I am very proud to present our staff to you. If you become a client of ours, you can be certain that each of us you read about here on this page will be dedicated to providing you with the best possible experience moving your household goods.

Each of us understands and appreciates that we come into your life at what is a very exciting and optimistic time for you, but at the same time it can be a bit overwhelming and stressful. We also understand that how well your move goes has a large impact on how you initially view your life in general in Mexico and therefore, what we do is an important part of setting you on the right and happy path in your new home. We take this responsibility seriously. In short, we want you to be happy in Mexico and we will do our best to make it happen. Each of us is fully trained and experienced. If you can’t reach one of us, the others are available. All of us have the tools, the experience, and the strong commitment to effectively help you.

With the exception of Andy Kneeter and me, everyone who will help you with your move is a Mexican national in their mid-twenties. Speaking from the perspective of having worked with 20-somethings in the US, I can tell you that I was extremely impressed in general by the quality of the young people here in Mexico and even more impressed by the people I was able to find to join us at Best Mexico Movers, and I believe you will be as well. Everyone on our staff speaks English, almost all of them have studied abroad, and each of them share the same character attributes most important for successfully moving our clients: they are kind, patient, hardworking, pay attention to detail, are very good at what they do, and they are committed to your success.

As a foreigner to Mexico, I am honored to be working with everyone on this page. I predict that if you become a client of Best Mexico Movers, you’ll appreciate them as well.

Hannia Alcalá

I am Hannia Alcala, Manager of Operations at Best Mexico Movers for almost four years. I graduated with a degree in International Business from the University of Guadalajara.

Before Best Mexico Movers I worked in show business, from International Opera Contests (Operalia by Placido Domingo) to Live Music Festivals (Roxy, Corona Capital) in Guadalajara.  I’ve always enjoyed traveling and meeting new people.  My skills of organization and patience always have worked very well in this industry of logistics and operations.

My job is basically directing other people to do what they are supposed to do, not in a bossy way, but to keep everything moving correctly. We need to be very creative also with solutions right away because in the logistics industry we need to plan ahead with contingency plans. I also would describe my job as a person you can count on to help you during some of the most stressful times of your life, someone who will, to the extent I can, help you to solve things involving your move to or from Mexico.

What is great about working at Best Mexico Movers is that I get to work in the field of what I studied, and I get to know new people every day.  I have a great team that is always willing to help, and we have a really nice relationship outside the office as well.

My advice to new clients is to have everything prepared early.  You are moving to another country, and I’ve noticed our most stressed clients are the ones who don’t have enough time before they complete their move, so if you want to move internationally, I suggest to plan ahead and ask for information beforehand.

The best advice that I can give you, and what will make you enjoy this beautiful country to the fullest, is to try to learn the Spanish language; this will help you experience the country and its culture in a different and more complete way.  

From the experience of participating in more than 500 moves, I can say we are prepared to work for you on your international move. We are growing quickly but we are ready for you to join us and let us work on your move!

Andy Kneeter

Education: Bachelor of Science and MBA from Drake University in Des Moines, Iowa.
Professional background:
Institutional investment researcher:
•Ruane Cunniff (manager of the Sequoia mutual fund)
• Personally-owned consulting business to hedge funds and private equity investment funds

• Commercial drapery dry cleaning business
• 3rd-generation furrier in a family business
•Building automation and energy conserving building retrofits business

I support Best Mexico Movers customers in their packing, loading, and insurance needs. This includes:
• Discussing your insurance options, what is required of each insurance choice, and the nature of the Best Mexico Movers process, so you can make the insurance choice that best suits you.
• Discussing how you can send me photos and videos of your household goods, so I can:
     o Make a packing recommendations document for you and/or your professional packer.
     o Make a schedule of insured items that we will review together to assign valuations for insurance purposes.
     o Send you a pre-filled insurance declaration, so all you have to do is to review, edit, and return it, which simplifies the              process.

• Discuss your packing, loading, and storage needs, so I better understand what (if any)
professional services are needed.
     o If needed, I introduce you to well-rated and available professional packing, loading, and storage businesses.

•Providing prompt feedback on photos and videos of your packed and loaded items, whether you pack those yourself or they’re professionally packed.

I like helping customers get great results when their household goods are unloaded at their destination, wherever it is.

My advice is to talk to the experienced support team at Best Mexico Movers about how you can get all the help that you need to make your move successful and stress-free. This includes getting introductions to professional help for:
• Packing
• Loading
• Storage
• Inventorying

Everyone at Best Mexico Movers works very hard to organize and monitor your move, so that it goes as smoothly as possible. This includes creating and maintaining a detailed checklist of the entire process. When you work with us, you’re helping us to help you.

Laura Aguilar

Hello there! I’m Laura Aguilar and I’m happy to turn the stress of moving into a positive and joyful experience. 

I graduated with a bachelor’s degree in finance and honed my organizational skills and attention to detail from four years of experience in a stadium development company, one of them while living in New York. Now, as a Personal Moving Assistant with Best Mexico Movers, I bring the same dedication to creating smooth and stress-free moves for individuals like you. 

I believe in approaching every challenge with a smile. Moving can be overwhelming, but I’m here to turn it into an exciting adventure in which no detail is overlooked and to ensure that you feel supported every step of the way. 

Moving is more than just transporting belongings; it’s about transitioning to a new chapter, and I love being part of this important milestone in your life. 

The best advice that I can give you about your move is to ask me absolutely everything. Every single question about a prohibited item or how the process works is important. I’m here to make sure that you feel comfortable and informed every step of the way. 

Mexico is a country in which rules are not always that strict; as a friend from Washington once told me, “Rules in Mexico are only suggestions.” I advise you enjoy our culture, learn to appreciate the chaos, and discover the creativity of Mexican people trying to make it their own way, creating some “mexicanadas” in the process. 

Let’s work together to turn your move into a joyful journey!

Oscar Martínez

Since the age of 18, I’ve been immersed in international customer service roles across various industries. Known for my vibrant and outgoing personality, communication comes naturally to me, fostering strong connections with people. With nearly four years of dedicated service to Best Mexico Movers, I’ve proudly ensured the satisfaction of over a hundred clients. 

My role involves providing support in packaging, loading, and unloading coordinating teams along with our clients, with a keen focus on customer care. I find fulfillment in assisting clients not only in my designated area but also wherever additional help is needed. 

What I truly enjoy about my job is the opportunity it affords me to explore beautiful and exotic locations, connecting with diverse individuals along the way.  

A valuable piece of advice I would offer to clients is to embrace the process, refrain from getting frustrated, and seize the positives of being in a new country where anonymity opens doors. Embrace the opportunity to indulge in activities you’ve always wanted to pursue, immerse yourself in the local culture and language, and accept the experience in its entirety.

Don’t get frustrated; it might be a new and different country with a different culture and language, which can be difficult, but you can always decide to see the good and positive side, and you can always learn. Learn the culture, traditions, and local habits.

 Go with the flow. Ask local people for recommendations, go out, get to know new places, and, even if it’s not what you’re used to, try new things. The worst-case scenario is that you don’t like it, and that’s OK. Stop eating what you didn’t like or don’t repeat the activity that you didn’t enjoy but keep trying new things.

Moisés Camacho

Hi. My name is Moisés Camacho. I am originally from La Paz and love the beach and relaxing by the sea. 

I graduated with a degree in International Business from Cetys University in Mexicali, Baja California.

I love sports and played competitive basketball during my teenage years, so I love working in teams and communicating with people.

The best way to describe my job would be that I make my co-worker’s days more productive by helping them with whatever they need me to do, so as a team, we can do a great quality job and have as much success as possible with our clients.

This can be accomplished by checking the progress of client’s inventories, their customs documentation, insurance needs and much more.

What I like best about my job is that our team is a great combination of wisdom and experience from Chuck (the CEO and owner) and Andy and a big dose of youth (us employees) who can work so well together, laugh and have a great time while always taking such thorough care with our clients and keeping everything extremely professional.

Sometimes it is great to see for ourselves what other countries are all about.   People are moving to Mexico for a reason.

My best advice I would give to any foreigner moving to Mexico would be to keep your eyes, ears and stomach open for a new culture. Mexico has such a knack for surprising newcomers! It’s a joy to see foreign people enjoy their lives here in Mexico.

Ana Bermúdez

My name is Ana Bermúdez.

I graduated with a degree in International Business at the Universidad de Guadalajara in Jalisco, Mexico. Originally from a small town near Guadalajara, I moved to study because there were no big colleges at my town. I consider myself a responsible and easy-going person who enjoys connecting with others, despite my somewhat shy nature. I have a deep passion for travel and love exploring new countries and cultures.

Describing my job is like narrating a daily adventure because every day brings new learning experiences. Our process is personalized for each client, so there are always fresh challenges to overcome. Of course in addition to our clients, it’s rewarding to connect with various individuals, from transporters and packers to unloaders, all of whom contribute to making each move possible.

What I love most about my role is being a part of this significant step our clients are taking. Moving from one place to another is not easy, and being able to support them, alleviate some stress, and connect with them is incredibly gratifying. I enjoy meeting new people, hearing their stories, and constantly learning from them.

My advice to clients is to pay careful attention to the packing process. Packing is a crucial element of the entire moving process. A well-packed shipment adds greatly to the prospect of a smooth move, helping to avoid damage to your precious belongings.

In addition to moving tips, I highly recommend exploring the local cuisine of each state in Mexico, especially from the locals. It’s the best way to get to know this beautiful and colorful country, rich in culture, gastronomy, landscapes, and wonderful places to visit.

I advise learning about Mexican culture, so you can get along easily with the Mexican people. The traditions are very important, too, so you can understand the lifestyle here and be part of it.

Welcome to Mexico!

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