The Best Mexico Movers Story

My wife, Jet, had conflicted emotions.

On the one hand, she was excited and desperately wanted and looked forward to being reunited with her beloved and cherished furniture and other items she loved and had spent a lifetime gathering, each piece with its own, unique value.



“They’re part of me, and they’re part of what makes wherever we live feel like home.  I remember searching for and buying each unique piece. I can tell you why I bought each item, how we used it, and the happy events we shared with them.  There’s a hole in my heart until I get them back.”

On the other hand, there was the cost.

Fearful of the possible answer, after a few weeks of putting it off, Jet got quotes from the local moving companies.

The quotes were nothing less than shocking.  Not only was the cost way more than I had anticipated, but the process came with a lot of work for us to do, along with dire warnings that if we made even one mistake, horrible things could happen.  We were given lots of paperwork with confusing directions, outdated and irrelevant information, and sometimes even contradictory instructions.  One website was so old it had services on it that weren’t even offered by that moving company any longer. It seemed like the moving companies had designed their offerings to protect them, give lots of tasks and risks to us to protect themselves, and adding insult to injury, to charge the maximum amount.

There had to be a better way, so with some trusted business associates I had known for years, I set out to find it.

I had two objectives:

1) deliver to my wife’s loving care and protection her household goods to begin a new phase in our lives here in Mexico; and,

2) because I sensed that all the difficulty my wife and I were experiencing may pay off in creating a process that was much better than we were being subjected to, I left open the possibility of developing a business to help others have a much better and much less costly moving experience.

Both came true.

But it wasn’t easy.  Even though I had started and run several companies (including Best Places in the World to Retire), consulted with clients to start their companies and even was a guest lecturer and mentor at the University of Arizona graduate business school, I was amazed by how frustrating it was to get straight answers.  It seemed like most of the moving industry players were either intentionally trying to mask how things worked in order to keep charging high prices or they were just so stuck in their old, outdated ways of doing things that they couldn’t imagine any other solutions.

We spent almost a year of investigation in which we talked with more than 100 industry experts, including those from trucking and ocean shipping companies, organizations called freight forwarders, customs brokers, insurance companies, loaders and packers, etc.  We also interviewed customers of existing moving companies and those who tried some version of moving their items themselves because they were so unhappy with what was offered by the local moving companies.  As a result, not only were we able to figure out how things currently worked, but we were able to identify old, inefficient and very costly components in the existing process that could be replaced with much better, modern and less costly solutions.  We found that by breaking the existing process into components, we could reconstruct the process in a way that was more efficient, less costly, and provided much better customer service.

The result was two-fold:

  • my wife was reunited with her cherished belongings in an efficient, low-stress, cost-effective way; and,
  • we were able to form Best Mexico Movers to apply our new process to our new company’s clients.

I invite you to give us a call so we can understand your needs and then custom design your move.

– Chuck Bolotin


Founder and CEO

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