We sold our house in Greenville, SC and moved to a house we purchased here, in Riberas del Pilar [Mexico]. From our former home, we moved three pieces of furniture plus nearly 200 containers of “stuff” – clothing, shoes, kitchen items plus many containers of large decorative glass items, a collection of Christmas decor, and an African mask collection.

After interviewing three moving firms, we decided to work with Chuck and his associates because they helped us to understand the whole international moving process best. His method was so well organized you’d think he had done it before. As we packed each container, we entered its contents into the spreadsheet that was provided.

Before you know it, we had an inventory list translated into Spanish suitable for acceptance by the Mexican Consulate. The truck arrived on time for loading in South Carolina. Less than two weeks later, we were unpacking everything at our Lakeside home.

Before we moved, we heard advice from many people to sell everything and buy what you need when you get to Mexico. Most all of the items we brought with us could not be purchased here. We are so glad we didn’t listen to that advice. It was definitely worth exploring our options and finding someone who understood the importance of bringing the things that make our home feel familiar and comfortable.

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