My mom and I decided we wanted to make the challenging move out of the USA and into Ajijic Mexico. One of the big hurdles that you face is moving all of your possessions, art, and furniture. I always do a lot of research on YouTube, Google, etc. and one name came up quite often was Chuck Bolotin with Best Mexico Movers. Even some of the best of Ajijic’s real estate agents mentioned Chuck and his tightly knit team.

We gave Chuck a call from Ohio and let him know we had decided to become expats and join this wonderful community but needed help getting everything to our new home. From phone call number one we knew Best Mexico Movers was the only way to go. Chuck explained the entire process from the paperwork with visas, household belongings list, and packing instructions to the joys of everything that Mexico will not allow you to bring (yes, it’s quite a lot). He was able to get us prices for the transportation and unpacking here in Ajijic to our new home very quickly.


After we gave him our dates his team jumped right in with a wonderful to do list and schedules of everything that has to be done like getting packers, loaders, etc. Chuck and his team were really available anytime during this very stressful process of moving your life. But one thing that went smooth with our entire move was Chuck and his team. We had some hiccups from a poor hire I did from Hire a Helper but Chuck was able to rectify their mistakes.

Because of Chucks’ familiarity with the processes of Mexican customs clearance  we actually had ZERO customs issues. I did have some potential issue items that he talked to his customs brokers about and they had hands on immediately. We arrived in Ajijic, and our stuff arrived a lot faster than we expected. I think it was about seven days, maybe. He had his people here at our new home on the ground and ready with lots of moving help that counted out box by box from the household list to make sure everything made it from point USA to Mexico.

Due to our terrible loaders, I think we had one vase break and a few scratches on basic stuff. I’m not sure how anyone can move you a distance like this with more love and care. This whole life changing stressful transition was made so much smoother and with so much less stress by hiring an expert to help with the navigations of an international move. Even after everything was done Chuck and his team made multiple follow ups and really helped welcome mom and I to Mexico.

 Thank you, Best Mexico Movers for living up to your wonderful reputation and helping us find Home again.

Fred Tolodziecki
Judy Freedman

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