Chuck and Best Mexico Movers was such an amazing experience!  I bought my first home as an investment property initially with no plans to be a resident and when the seller of my home decided not to rent back at the 11th hour before closing, I was in a jam about how to furnish the home.

I was introduced to Chuck Bolotin and learned how to do the menaje (and also my VISA) the right way!  After FINALLY getting my VISA go-ahead from the Los Angeles consulate a few months later, I called Chuck and within 3 days I was in Laredo, TX, dropping off a truck to the shipping dock!  His instructions were so simple and clear about the inventory, how to label and package what not to bring, it was extremely easy even for a first timer on a tight schedule.  His network of local loaders in CA were excellent and even picked up the U-Haul for me.  They were great and I actually had them return a few days later to do a dump run and clean up all the packing debris, etc.




The process in Laredo was simple, and I was so impressed that they returned the U-Haul for me, took me to immigration and then Nuevo Laredo airport.  I was at the Lake in a few hours with all my precious cargo 48 hours later. Chuck came personally that evening to the house to help unload everything and check everything off the list.  Everything arrived perfectly in great shape. In fact, I had actually forgotten my jacket in the back of the mover’s car when they took me to the airport and they were able to get my jacket in the truck and have it delivered along with my furniture to me!

It was definitely one of the best and smoothest parts of my move to Mexico and I SO appreciate Chuck’s organized, smooth and calm approach.  He does exactly what he says he will do.  He has been so generous with a wealth of information outside of household goods and he is a real gem.  In fact, in 2020 when I bought an investment property in Tucson, Chuck was able to recommend some loaders in Tucson to help.  That mover was excellent and I used him several times over the 2 years I was there.

I am now happily here at Lakeside full time in real estate and would definitely recommend to any client considering a household goods move:  BEST MEXICO MOVERS definitely “delivers”!!

As a realtor and longtime investor, I specialize in assisting clients uncover “hidden gems” in emerging markets as well as helping expatriates efficiently and smoothly navigate the adventure of international real estate. Due to my background in renovation, marketing and design, I am able to assist with impactful build/design ideas and referrals for many styles and budgets. My customized approach to real estate aims not only to add value to one of life’s largest investments but to infuse ease and joy into the process to ensure that you, indeed, enjoy “La Buena Vida” in the Casa of your Dreams!


Kelly Kerrigan, Realtor/Principal
Buena Vida Estates


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