Online Shopping in Mexico

Unless you will live in Mexico in a huge city or if you don’t buy a lot of things, there’s a good chance you’re going to want some items from North of the Border (“NOB”).  You can ask your friends to bring these items with them when they visit you, you can go NOB to retrieve these items yourself, or you can buy online.

From my perspective, buying online in Mexico is great.

If you have a US Amazon account, you can enter your address in Mexico as one of your delivery addresses, and then ask Amazon to just show you items that can be shipped to your new home in Mexico, many times for very reasonable prices.

You should also definitely check out, which is Amazon in Mexico.  For some reason, if you enter search queries in English, they seem to generally work.  You can use your same Amazon account (Amazon is pretty great) and same credit card, etc.  Prices are in pesos and most of the items ship from within Mexico, but some do not.  Those that come from the US or other places outside of Mexico are marked with “importacion” next to them, which means that you will pay more for shipping and import taxes.

We have also very happily purchased from in Mexico and my understanding is that in the US will also make deliveries in Mexico and that more companies are coming.  Forever 21 has its own Mexican website.  It should be getting easier all the time. 

  • Go to your existing Amazon account and enter your new delivery address in Mexico as an additional “ship to” address.
  • Set up your account.
  • Set up your account.


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