I have a very small amount of household goods. Do I still need to use a commercial mover?

If you have a very small amount of household goods, you do not need to use a commercial mover, either Best Mexico Movers, or any other company.

How small is “very small”?  The answer: small enough to fit in your own, personal vehicle, or the personal vehicle of a friend, perhaps supplemented just a bit by other methods.  If you drive your own personal used household goods to Mexico and comply with all regulations, you can most likely drive into Mexico using the non-commercial bridge and, as of this writing, you do not need a customs broker.

You may or may not be asked by Mexican officials what you’re doing, but if you are, just tell them the truth.  They then may ask you to pay an import fee, or they may not.

(Sorry about all the “may or may not” but that’s an accurate description of how it works.)

I have also heard of people shipping some of their goods via FedEx or a similar carrier, but with mixed results.  Some people also take some of their household goods as checked luggage on a flight to Mexico, which in general, seems to work out pretty well.  Of course, taking additional luggage on a flight will  most likely seem expensive, but it will probably be much less expensive than using a commercial mover.

In most of these cases, the cost of moving a very small amount of household goods through a commercial mover like Best Mexico Movers is just not worth it; you can drive it across yourself.  Many times, if you don’t want to drive it across yourself, there are people who can help you.

But what if you have just a bit more than a very small amount?  In this case, it would probably make the most sense either to get rid of some of what you have so that it becomes a very small amount that you can drive across yourself or add some so that the cost of moving it through a commercial mover makes more sense.

If you do add just a bit more, Best Mexico Movers has developed a few lower cost options that combine a bit of a “do it yourself” move with a proper, commercial move.


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