Dawn Elston, from Vancouver, Washington

Dawn and Chris Elston

When we decided to move our possessions to Mazatlan I looked for recommendations of moving companies. Best Mexico Movers was recommended by our Property Managers in Mazatlan. I chose them because of their responsiveness, their detailed communication, how organized (step by step checklist for me was a life saver) they are, and also for the cost. Paying them was easy.

I had already packed but after talking – yes actually talking on the phone with Chuck – I repacked to remove items not allowed across the border and took down information, as well as photos, of electrical/electronic items. Chuck recommended some packers/loaders to help with the fragile items as well as wrapping all furniture (VERY glad I used one).

Best Mexico Movers partners with companies for trucks and trailers which saved me $. Loaders and unloaders were amazing!!! The trailer in Washington arrived on time and so did the truck in Mazatlan. I worked closely with Hannia on all the details once the truck arrived in Mexico, she was amazing and available 24/7. Everything went through customs without issue and everything made it to destination.

Now that all my Washington items are in our Mazatlan home I can say I’m extremely satisfied. Thank you so much Chuck, Hannia and Ruben for making me feel like I’m finally home. I highly recommend Best Mexico Movers for your move to Mexico!