Roxane and Wayne Jared from Indianapolis, Indiana

Thanks a lot for your good work!!
When we decided to move to Puerto Vallarta we looked for recommendations of moving companies. Best Mexico Movers was on our shortlist. We chose them because of their responsiveness, their detailed communication, how organized they are, and also for the cost. Paying them was also easy and very fair.
We had already packed but after our meeting with Chuck and Hannia we repacked to remove items not allowed across the border, remove original boxes, take photos of SN of electrical items, and consolidate boxes (to keep the volume low, avoid void in boxes, and wrap well fragile items).
We put almost everything in boxes (e.g. bicycle, folding chairs) to fit better in the truck. We took apart some furniture and wrapped the pieces. We bought blankets for the armoire and dining table.
Best Mexico Movers doesn’t own a fleet of moving trucks… they partner with companies. The loaders they recommended were awesome, the people who unloaded were too. The trailer didn’t show up in Indianapolis as expected so we worked with Hannia and she made it happen, she was awesome all along.
Our cargo left Indy a bit late but went through customs without issues and everything made it to destination.
We haven’t unpacked yet so I don’t know if anything got broken (I saw a loader drop a few boxes so pack well!).
Our things arrived on Friday instead of Wednesday but that didn’t bother us (just have a buffer in your schedule).
During our selection process Best Movers Mexico came way ahead of the 3 other companies I had contacted. And now that it’s done, we can say we are very satisfied. We highly recommend Chuck and Hannia for your move to Mexico!

Cherisse and Simon Evans, from Long Beach, California:

My husband and I started planning our move to Mexico in early October last year. We had found an apartment to rent near the historic center of Querétaro, signed our lease agreement and began preparing for the rest of the journey. Top priority for us was finding a good, reliable and affordable moving company that knew all the ins and outs of moving household goods from the US to Mexico. Based on the apartment we rented,  we knew we could and wanted to take most of our furniture and belongings with us which feels like a daunting undertaking. 

We read reviews and comments about Best Mexico Movers on an expat social media site and checked out their website and videos. It looked good to us! And then as soon as we spoke with Chuck Bolotin, we immediately felt at ease and confident that we would be in good hands. 

Chuck presented an easy to follow checklist that takes all the guesswork out of tasks and timelines. Basically he made it as simple as following the checklist step by step. He and his partners were available as often as needed by email or phone to discuss any questions that came up. 


Ours was a fairly sizable move and our biggest concerns were:

  1. Declaring everything correctly to pass customs
  2. Getting our shipment in a timely manner 
  3. Having our belongings arrive in good condition 
  4. Clear communication throughout 
  5. Value

I can easily say that in all points,  Best Mexico Movers exceeded our expectations. 


  1. I felt confident in the direction given that my items were properly recorded for customs. A BIG BONUS is they take care of the menaje de casa with the consulate on your behalf! A huge time saver and worry off our shoulders! 
  2. We received our shipment in approx two weeks from the day it left us and that was including weekends and a holiday in Mexico. ANOTHER HUGE BONUS is that your load is never left in storage waiting to coordinate with another load. We knew from the start an approximate delivery date and were then advised of the exact delivery date a few days in advance. There was constant communication up until the moment the truck arrived and throughout the unload as needed. 
  3. Everything arrived in good condition minus one small box of everyday dinnerware which is easily replaced and had no real monetary or sentimental value. 
  4. Communication was excellent throughout and I always felt our concerns were their concerns and no question was too small to ask. 
  5. The price was definitely fair for what they had to coordinate and advocate for us. For us, having the feeling of confidence every step of the way, without worry was huge! 

We would highly recommend Best Mexico Movers to anyone thinking about moving their household goods to Mexico. 

Terry & Gene Esquivel from Livingston, Texas


When we decided to move back to the United States from San Antonio Tlayacapan, Mexico, I knew who to call – Best Mexico Movers.

Chuck made the process easy and stress free. He did everything possible to keep our costs as reasonable as possible. He provided us with a detailed mover’s checklist that outlined all steps involved and made responsibilities and deadlines clear for everyone.

After each step in the process was completed, we were provided with an updated checklist. There was never any question about current status or next steps.

Hannia Alcalá, manager of operations, was a pleasure to work with and answered our phone calls day or night. She oversaw the entire move, working closely with the packers and transporter, and providing us with a detailed inventory of every box.

Crossing the border at Laredo and meeting with the US customs broker was straightforward and painless. Once we arrived at our final destination and unloaded our possessions, we found everything as expected. We were extremely impressed with how well everything was packed.

We are very grateful to Chuck, Hannia, and the entire Best Mexico Movers team for providing an exceptional experience, and for ensuring our belongings arrived safely in the US.

Thank you!

Tony and Lisa Bell, from Florida

My husband Tony and I decided to move from Florida to Playa Del Carmen, MX. After much deliberation on whether we wanted to move personal belongings to Mexico, we decided to use Best Mexico Movers. This decision was made after much research on several international movers. We reached out to Chuck Bolotin and felt instantly comfortable with his knowledge of such an undertaking.

We began our relationship with Chuck in late 2018 as our condo was to be complete in 2019. Although we had many delays in the completion of our condo, Chuck kept in contact with us and answered many, many questions. We finally took possession of our condo in early 2021 !

Chuck and his team were very, very organized and made the move much simpler than I had imagined it would be. He provided step by step instructions and a very detailed checklist which kept us informed throughout the entire process. All of our belongings arrived safely ! It goes to show that not only does Chuck understand the process, but he uses the right people to accomplish such an undertaking!

We are very grateful to Chuck, Hannia and his entire team for making what could have been a very stressful adventure into a very smooth move ! We can’t thank you enough and will definitely be recommending their services to others!

Mary Anna Yram and Amy Esperanto from Medford, Massachusetts

Maybe “stuff” isn’t important to some people.

But maybe “stuff” is photos, art, a treasured hand-me-down desk from your grandmother, old photos and letters.

Maybe the thought of putting that on a truck and waving “Adios!” is scary.

You don’t need to be scared with Chuck and his team at your side.

At every step of the way, they give you as much time and help as you need. They take care of all the paperwork, ensure you follow all rules and regulations, that there’s no unexpected surprises.

Where they could make extra money in the process, they don’t. They actively work to make your move as efficient and cost-effective as possible.

Maybe some people can move to Mexico in a suitcase. That wasn’t us. And if that’s not you, both you *and* your stuff are in great hands with Chuck and his team.

Cheryl Jackson, from Galveston, Texas

I am a 75 year-old single woman who had a dream of moving to Puerto Vallarta for about 10 years. I also wanted to bring my old shabby white furniture, lots of quilting fabrics and sewing machines…and a tennis ball machine! I am now in PV and living my dream thanks to Chuck and his assistant Hannia.

I must say that the 6 weeks prior to the move were probably the most challenging of my life. As a friend said, I had deadlines daily. Covid, in addition to several hurricane warnings, also did not help.

Chuck and Hannia were fantastic. They were always available and able to help solve any problems that I encountered and I can still hear Hannia saying “no worries, everything will be fine!”  Chuck also always had a way of explaining the complexities of an international move in a way that I could understand.

I was also able to meet and spend time with Hannia’s family and I felt more like a family member than a customer. For an American moving to Mexico, it meant a great deal. Someday I hope to visit Guadalajara for a dinner at Hannia’s family restaurant and have a “Paris night cocktail.”

I followed Chuck and Hannia’s advice and everything arrived in PV in perfect condition. I will be forever grateful to Chuck and Hannia.  I can say that I now know that my dream move would never have happened without their help and caring.

Tom and Monica Tucker, from Lady Lake, Florida:

Tom and Monica Tucker in San Miguel de Allende

We cannot thank you enough for making our challenging move to Mexico such a great success!

Our advice to anyone considering a move south of the border is simple. Call Best Mexico Movers right now and get Chuck and Hannia on your team.

Your advice throughout the planning and execution was invaluable. When we hit complications or road blocks you were always ready to help and you were always immediately available.

As a business owner myself I put a very high value on customer service. Best Mexico Movers’ service was unparalleled. I’m certain we gave you a few unusual wrinkles, especially during Covid, but you were always ready for whatever we threw at you.


After interviewing many other moving companies there was simply no comparison. It was clear that Best Mexico Movers cared about us and would go the extra mile to ensure our move would be the best possible.

I could go on and present all the ways in which you helped but that would take many pages. Simply, you guys were great.

Thank you.

Tom & Monica Tucker
San Miguel de Allende

George del Castillo, from Chandler, Arizona:

My wife was astute enough to find Best Mexico Movers to help us relocate to Chapala, Jalisco, Mexico.  She had checked with the larger, better known international movers but they were forbiddingly expensive.  With their rates we would not have had enough money left over to purchase our own home in Mexico, which was our plan.

She found Best Mexico Movers, which had good credentials and recommendations so we decided to contact them.  Chuck Bolotin was our initial contact and the only contact that we needed.  He was extremely helpful and thoughtful.  He met our needs and helped us to navigate the Mexican customs so that we could import our household goods through the Mexican-US border.

We used 3rd party for packers who showed up right on time and got their work done very efficiently, loading our goods onto one semi-trailer.  Chuck arranged for the trailer to be picked up 2 days later.  It cleared Mexican customs without even having the trailer opened.  Chuck and his customs broker worked with us to have all of the correct paperwork completed to meet compliance and based on good working relationships with the Mexican authorities our load was not tampered with by a border inspection. 

The trailer arrived safely and completely at our mini-storage in Chapala right on-time and was unloaded without any problems.

We are very pleased with the job that Chuck Bolotin and Best Mexico Movers provided for us.  We unreservedly recommend them to anyone else who wants to move from the US to Mexico.

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