Gail Arrenholz, from Tucson, Arizona

Considering a move to Mexico?  A+ Recommendation for Best Mexico Movers!

Look no further as I used Chuck Bolotin and all his associates.  Everyone was kind, professional, and detail-oriented.  I brought everything but the kitchen sink!  One wine glass was broken!  Storage unit was clean and accessible.  Oversized custom sofa made it into house.  I am X Peace Corps Nurse To Honduras and Flying Samaritan Nurse to Mexico.  Merida perfect place to write and paint.  Come visit.

Thank you Chuck and family!

John Gordon and Sebastian Lujan from Albuquerque, New Mexico

We received your delicious gift of Dragonfly Cookies today – thank you!
Actually, it should be Sebastian and I sending you and your team gifts for the exceptional job you all did in getting our belongings safely to our new home in Pátzcuro.
I can’t tell you how impressed we are with your efforts on our behalf. Even when our New Mexico packer/loaders failed to properly pack some items, your folks who did the transloading at the custom broker’s yard managed to protect and reload everything so that there was hardly a box or item that wasn’t in perfect condition after the unloading in Pátzcuro.
We’re now ready to join your many, many other satisfied customers in singing BMM’s praises to prospective clients.
And thank you again for helping to get us off on the best possible footing in Mexico.
Addition from an email sent several days later:

Buenos dias Andy.

We were finally able to move into our new Pátzcuaro home about 10 days ago, and we’ve been happily unpacking ever since. We continue to be delighted by the perfect condition of our belongings.

Since you were especially concerned and insistent that our marble Mandalay Monk be properly packed for shipment, Sebastian and I thought we’d send you this picture of the Monk safely and serenely sitting on our antique hall tree (which also arrived in perfect condition) at the entrance to our new home.

Thank you one more time for the care and concern that you and the entire Best Mexico Movers team gave to ensuring the safe transport of our items to Mexico.

Warmest wishes for the holidays ahead and for a Peaceful and Prosperous New Year,

John & Sebastian

Michael and Carrie Hemphill, from Arlington Heights, Illinois

We have been planning our retirement in Mexico for over three years. At times it seemed that it may never happen. Then in October 2021, I retired and my wife followed in February 2022. We no longer had any reasons to delay the adventure.
We had some good recommendations for movers from our relocation seminar “Focus On Mexico” and so we followed up on these and interviewed each mover. It was Best Mexico Movers and Chuck Bolotin that really stood out for us. Chuck’s approach to the project was so unique and different from the others, that it seemed the obvious choice for us.
Once we were underway, we were assigned a moving assistant, Andy, who was so helpful and detailed.
The planning went on for weeks and weeks while we completed all of the items on our checklist. Andy was helpful in keeping us on schedule. When the packing and moving days finally arrived, we felt confident that we were ready. The truck pulled away heading south to Mexico and we climbed on a plane.
When we arrived in Mexico, we got word that the truck was soon to arrive. Our new home is up on the mountain side in Ajijic. So, the moving team had to transfer our possessions from the trailer truck to smaller trucks. The movers were excellent. They moved everything into our home with little to no issues. We even brought down a grand piano and an antique grandfather clock. It seemed like nothing was too big of a job for them.
After many long hours moving, we waved goodbye to the team, and went inside our new Mexican home, ready to start the next great adventure of our lives!
We couldn’t have done it without  Best Mexico Movers! Thanks guys! You were the right choice for us and we would recommend you to anyone who is thinking of taking on such a great adventure!
Thanks Chuck!
Michael & Carrie Hemphill

Shara Kay, Owner – SK Organizing

SK Organizing had a wonderful experience working with Best Mexico Movers to relocate a VIP client from the Los Angeles area to Mexico. Chuck and his team — especially our project manager Hannia Alcala — went above and beyond to make a complicated move as smooth and simple as possible.

Our client’s household goods were delivered on time and in excellent condition, with clear communication from the BMM team throughout the process. We are so grateful to find moving partners like these! Best Mexico Movers truly lives up to their name, and we hope to get the chance to work with them again.”

—Shara Kay, owner & Certified Professional Organizer

Gillian Zinser and Jaron Albertin, from New York City

WE LOVE THESE GUYS! DON’T LOOK ANYWHERE ELSE! Honestly. After interviewing over a dozen international moving companies to take on our move from NYC to Mexico City, it became abundantly clear that Best Mexico Mover’s have developed an ENTIRELY different model and transparent approach while also offering an invaluable personalized touch that we couldn’t have survived without. From beginning to end, both Chuck and our wonderful personal moving assistant Andy were incredibly on it, available, thorough, HONEST, kind, fun, and just an overall pleasure to work with. Everything went as planned, no hiccups, no headaches — was a true pleasure working with such a lovely, invested team. Can’t recommend them enough.

Stephen Coppinger, Angela Velez and Family, from Austin, Texas

Best Mexico Movers were fantastic for us.

They were always incredibly up front and direct about what exactly needed to happen and when in order for us to move our belongings to Playa Del Carmen. We were always able to get hold of someone to answer any number of questions that we had, they helped us set up and finalize our paperwork for the border crossing and the insurance as well.

We cannot recommend Best Mexico Movers enough, so thorough, so frank, and so smooth our truck even arrived a few days early.

We love having our stuff back 🙂

Nancy Adams, from Phoenix, Arizona

I want to thank everyone involved with the move for doing such a great job and making the move much easier and less stressful than I would have imagined.
Moving, even across town or to another city can be a daunting experience but moving to another country is certainly more detailed and involved and one needs to have a mover that can be trusted to do the job right.
It’s no wonder that moving is the third most stressful life experience but I have to say that Chuck of Best Mexico Movers did an excellent job of alleviating most of the stress by giving me all the information I needed to make an informed decision and to answer all my questions.  Moreover, I was assigned someone who walked me through every aspect – especially the more technical details when I needed to provide photographs and scans of items – as I am not very technologically inclined.
Andy was very patient and understanding and helped me get what was necessary. I very much appreciated all his help and he made all the difference by providing great customer service.
The loaders and unloading companies at both ends were very efficient, professional, helpful and friendly and made everything fast and easy.  I can’t begin to give them enough praise for the excellent jobs they did!
Indeed, all told, Best Mexico Movers were exceedingly understanding and patient of my particular issues and I wholeheartedly give them my highest recommendation and sincere thanks.
A few days after arriving in Mexico I received a delivery of cookies from Best Mexico Movers welcoming me to my new home.  I was very touched by such a nice gesture.  Thank you mucho Best Mexico Movers!
All the best, Nancy 

Lucero Wiley, from Carlsbad, California

I seriously cannot recommend Best Mexico movers enough. I had to do a last minute international relocation and the level of service I received was above and beyond any and all expectations.

Chuck and his team are extremely professional, responsive, kind and extremely effective. Throughout the process everything was explained to me step by step, I was given timely updates and everyone in the company was patient and understanding, even when giving me after hours advice from different time zones

Professional, efficient, responsive, fast and with very competitive prices, I will not use any other company for relocation needs.

Eight Tips for Living in Mexico Like a Local

Eight Tips to Living in Mexico

One of the most interesting aspects about living in Mexico full time is learning about and adapting to the differences in society between the US and Mexico. Once you cross the border into Mexico, you will immediately begin to experience and participate in these changes. Some changes may be subtle and you will hardly notice them at all, while others very different than what you were accustomed to in the U.S.


1. Timing is Everything

Okay, forget everything you know about meal schedules. In Mexico, lunch is the main deal, happening between 2-4 pm. It’s like their power hour, especially here in Playa del Carmen. And get this, dinner doesn’t kick in until around 9 pm. So, if you’re a taco lover looking for a midday fix, you’ll have to wait until after 5 pm. Tacos here are like the late-night stars—best enjoyed after dark in a bustling joint.

2. Doc in a Box

Healthcare in Mexico is a game-changer. No more waiting for weeks to see a doctor. Just stroll into any pharmacy with a Consultorio, and for about 50 pesos (roughly $2.50), you can consult a local licensed doctor for minor issues. They might even write you a prescription, which you can conveniently fill next door. Plus, most prescription drugs won’t burn a hole in your wallet.

A consultorio or doctor's office in the pharmacy in Mexico.

3. Eat Like a Local on a Budget

Tlayuda is a flat open tortilla filled with beans, cheese, veggies, and meat.

Around 8 pm is prime time to dive into the local food scene in Centro. From tacos to tlayudas, churros, marquesitas, and more, you’re in for a treat—all for about $5 USD or less. It’s a food fest, and you don’t want to miss it.

4. Full-Service Pit Stops

Say goodbye to self-service at gas stations. In Mexico, they’re all about the full package—they pump your gas, clean your windows, check your tire pressure, and even top up your fluids. Just remember to tip them between 10 and 20 pesos. Oh, and watch out for pump scams, but don’t worry, our guide has your back on that.

5. Grandma’s Helping Hand

At the supermarket, you’ll find seniors, aka “cerillos,” volunteering to bag your groceries. They’re not employees; they’re part of a government program for seniors over 60. Tipping them 10-20 pesos is the norm, but if they’ve loaded up your pantry for the month, a little extra love won’t hurt.


6.  ¡Hola, Hablo Español!

Language is a big deal here. Not everyone outside tourist spots speaks English, so learning a bit of Spanish goes a long way. Learning some basic phrases like “Buenos días” and learning when to use the formal and familiar forms will go a long way. It’s not just about words; it’s about embracing the culture.

7. Mexican Time, Anyone?

We are not talking time zones! Ha!  😁

Forget American Time. “Ahorita” is the magic word in Mexico, and it means anything from now to tomorrow or even never. Set a specific time when someone throws “ahorita” your way to avoid confusion. It’s a laid-back culture; embrace it, don’t fight it.

The universal sign for ahorita in Mexico is to make a pinching motion while you bring your hand up to your face


8. Cash is Still King

Plastic might rule back home, but in Mexico, it’s all about pesos. Many places, especially outside tourist areas, deal only in cash. So, get comfortable with those colorful bills and coins. Oh, and avoid banks on the 1st and 15th—trust us on that one.

Ready to dive into the Mexican lifestyle? Grab the FREE Living in Mexico Guide for Expats—it’s free and loaded with everything you need to know. ¡Vamos! 🌮🇲🇽


Find out if living in Mexico is right for you- Get instant access to the Living in Mexico Guide for Expats- 2022 Edition

Mariana Lange
Mexico Relocation Guide

Lorree and Harry Go, from Walla Walla, Washington

Wow!  Our stuff arrived and we’re now fully moved, it’s so hard to believe after so much work, and so much time, that it’s done.  I have to thank you folks for an absolutely fantastic job, there’s no way we could have done this ourselves.  Hannia and Andy were great to work with, always quick to respond and very reassuring when I became worried about some aspect of the move, snow notwithstanding!

Seriously, of all the businesses you could have chosen to start, you could not have chosen a better profession.  Moving internationally, for the average person, is one big ball of confusion.  Knowing that I had Best Mexico Movers in my corner took a huge load off of my mind.  Huge.  I cannot thank you, and your folks enough for coordinating local moving companies, packers, loaders and ultimately getting our things across the border.  The inventory you required made the unpacking a breeze, as I knew exactly in which box to find things.  Wow, I’ll never move without an inventory again.

You folks really have a first-class operation, thinking of your customers from the very beginning, to the very end, and beyond.  Your service was impeccable throughout the entire move process.


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